It’s time to come together, talk about our children and learn how to help them thrive.

(Program is for parents and caregivers.)

Do you have a child or children that struggle with any of the following?

  • Constipation, gas and tummy aches
  • Painful teething
  • Sleeping issues
  • Skin problems (like eczema, psoriasis or rashes)
  • Ear infections
  • Food allergies
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Asthma, weezing or other breathing problems
  • Colds, flus and sore throats
  • Colic
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Sinus infections
  • Low Immunity 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

If so, I’m glad you’re here.

I know how much you want to help your own children to not only survive -- but to thrive -- in today’s constantly changing, ever increasing toxic world.

That’s why I created…

It’s time to come together, talk about our children and learn how to help them thrive.

(Program is for parents and caregivers)

I designed this low cost and high value program to empower you to know how to confidently take care of your family, all while being supported by a community also dedicated to raising healthy, happy children.

Our entire family has benefited from Muneeza's intuition and advice.

“I was able to deliver my second son 100% naturally and have the birth and postpartum experience I missed with my first born (prior to Medical Medium and Muneeza). I wanted to have a healthy happy pregnancy without concerns of PPD or an EBV flare postpartum. We had an almost perfect delivery and bonding time afterwards with the information needed to heal and nourish Mom and baby to the fullest. There is no comparison for the value of Muneeza's intuition and guidance.”

~ Leeann Fitzgerald


  • Get support from Muneeza & her team of highly skilled practitioners, and receive expert advice from her specially chosen guest experts
  • Learn the essentials for creating, birthing and raising vibrant children in this toxic world 
  • Be inspired by a compassionate global community full of other amazing people looking to raise healthy families
  • Learn to trust yourself and your intuition when it comes to making choices for your children’s wellbeing
  • Gain access to an extensive library of health information and food-based healing protocols
  • And so much more!

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4 Q&A Replay Calls with Muneeza

(9 hours of Q&A)

Listen to the 9 hours of Q&A calls Muneeza did with mothers to help them receive the answers to their questions for their children’s health. You’ll also benefit from the other questions asked and the inspiring energy of hundreds of like-minded parents gathered together with a shared intention of raising happy and healthy children. When relevant, Muneeza will also provide suggestions on specific supplements, including dosages and more.

(Transcription included)

9 Pre-Recorded Calls and Q&A with Guest Experts + Healing Stories

We have chosen several experts in various fields to talk with you about raising healthy children. These calls are a combination of valuable content and Q&A.

Attachment Parenting & Eating Raw with Karen Ranzi

Karen is an Award-Winning Author of Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods, a Raw Food Coach and mother to two children raised raw vegan. She’s also an expert in helping kids get involved in the kitchen and getting excited about healthy eating.

Early Childhood Development with Andrea Gambardella

Andrea has decades of experience as a Waldorf Early Childhood educator. She is the mother of three children, all Waldorf alumni. She’ll address the specific changes children go through in consciousness, as well as what those changes mean, look like, why they’re behaving as they are, and what they require to thrive at each age and stage

Helping Parents Help Their Teens with Ruth Olson

Through her 15 years as an educator, Ruth Olson has worked with teens using multiple teaching methods, including Waldorf education. Having taught an 8-year Waldorf teaching cycle at Green Meadow Waldorf School, Ruth has watched her students grow from the ages of 7 through their 9-year, 12-year, and even 15-year changes. She will discuss how to support your child through their developmental changes and assist us in shifting our thinking about teenagers. Instead of looking at the difficulty teen years can bring, Ruth’s perspective will shine a light on the amazement and wonder of the teen years of development.

Prior to becoming a Waldorf teacher, Ruth obtained training in Montessori education where she began her teaching career. She has also worked in the corporate world for many years. Ruth's three children have been in Waldorf Schools since Early Childhood. Two have graduated and are studying in Canada. Her youngest is a current Senior at Rudolf Steiner School NYC. Outside of school, Ruth loves spending time with her family and taking long walks in Central Park accompanied by Gruffalo, a very special golden retriever.


Healing Autism in Children with Dr. Andrea Libutti

Hi, my name is Andrea Libutti and I am a physician, author, and founder of an innovative school called Acton Academy Eastern Long Island. My three boys are the reason behind everything I do. When my oldest was diagnosed with autism 16 years ago, I began the most incredible journey of my life. I delved into holistic health, organic living and had a great awakening.

Fast forward to the present, I share everything I know with other parents of autistic and typical children. Through my school, all children have an opportunity to find their passion and find a calling that will change the world. This past year we added the Autism Studio, where we give this underestimated population a voice and we recognize their brilliance.

Homeopathy for Children with Yashasvi Jhangiani

Yashasvi (Yaashi) is a passionate Homeopath / educator from Mumbai who has been practicing since 1994. She has a special love for Homeopathy and strives to empower, educate and guide families that are looking to incorporate safe and effective over the counter non-prescription homeopathic remedies into their well care routine. She’ll share a range of homeopathic solutions for common childhood issues.

Mastering Medical Emergencies for Moms with Shannon Tripp

Shannon, a mother of 4 and a Pediatric ER Nurse for 10 years, has supported thousands of moms to know when it’s time to seek critical care for your children, and when you can be the ER Nurse of your own home. She brings a unique blend of modern medicine and holistic health to her work with mamas (and to the parents in our program).

Supporting Your Teens with Robin Miller

Robin is a health coach, therapist, MM Practitioner and mother of 4 daughters. She specializes in helping people navigate their emotional reactions so they experience greater peace and self-awareness. She’ll provide tips on how to support teens through their changing lifestyles and healing, without butting heads or getting caught up in power struggles.

Chiropractic Care for Kids with Dr. Janeah Saadeh

Janeah has been a chiropractor and naturopath for 30 years. She has incorporated applied kinesiology, functional medicine and MM info into her work with clients. In this rich call, you’ll discover how and when chiropractic care is helpful for children.

Mom’s Healing Journey with Tanya Metodijevic

Mothers are the most knowledgeable experts on their kids. In this rich and inspiring call you’ll meet Tanya, and hear her story of how, after hitting rock bottom, she discovered the MM protocols. Now  she’s using natural healing modalities and truthful information to heal her child of Autism. As she says, “If one mother could learn through my mistakes, that means one child could be saved and that would mean so much to me.”

Mom & Son Healing Journey with Anne & PJ Thrasher

Another healing story of a mom healing her child from ADHD, Speech Apraxia, Fibromyalgia and more.

6 Content-Rich Pre-recorded Training Modules 

(with Transcriptions)

  • Week 1: Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy & Birth
  • Week 2: Common Health Issues In Babies
  • Week 3: Common Health Issues In Childhood
  • Week 4: Common Health Issues From Puberty On - Tweens & Teens
  • Week 5: Feeding Babies, Toddlers, Children & Teenagers
  • Week 6: Parent Roles, Emotional Support & Intuition



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13 “How To” Recipe Videos with Muneeza’s Daughters

Learn how to make healthy meals, snacks and beverages with your children in these short educational and entertaining videos. These videos are a great way to get your children involved in the kitchen while simplifying the meal prep process so you can all have more fun together.

Flourish Kid's Recipe Book

A compilation of 60+ child-approved recipes for your whole family! From snacks

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Muneeza has been a true blessing for my family and I.

“After being referred by Anthony William, Muneeza has been continuing the healing journey for my 6 year old daughter with a rare neurological condition called Paroxysmal Dyskinesia. Seeing such great improvement in her reinforces my faith in alternative healthcare. With health questions the conventional medical community could not answer, Muneeza’s spot on medical intuition clarified it all. She is able to pinpoint the root cause of any health issue affecting my family and lay out a plan on how to heal. As a Registered Nurse, I feel her knowledge is so versatile along with her medical intuition, I know I can come with any concerns and Muneeza is able to tackle it down. Plus, she has the best nutritional and beauty advice which is a great bonus. I am forever grateful to have Muneeza in my life and the empowerment she gives me to keep my family healthy and strong.”

~ Justyna Siek, RN, BSN

Muneeza was able to help me replace my mom-guilt with strength and empowered me with the tools and knowledge to heal my children. 


“Muneeza was able to give me complete clarity on health issues and concerns relating to my children and a clear path on how to heal them. I had seen multiple doctors, naturopaths, energy healers in the past but the guidance and clarity that Muneeza gave was incomparable.  


“With my first child, Muneeza helped me heal her sensory processing disorder (SPD). With my second child, who was just a few months old when I met Muneeza, she identified the sluggish liver and reflux right away. With her guidance, I have the reflux under control and am working on healing the liver. With both the children, Muneeza has taught me how to release the heavy metals in their body in a safe and effective manner. 


“Muneeza’s compassion for her clients are incomparable to anyone else I have worked with. From the start I felt like I was working with a friend who truly cared about the health of my children. Her knowledge and application of the medical medium information is what differentiates her the most. She is able to work with each individual person on their own healing journey and provide the tools and protocol specific to that person. This is the reason why our whole family has stopped working with other practitioners and are dedicating our healing journey with the guidance from Muneeza.


“I am beyond grateful for having found Muneeza in my healing journey. Words cannot describe the impact she has had on my and my family’s health. I no longer fear the world that my children are being raised in as I have the support from Muneeza and her team in this journey.”

~ Alyssa K.

Muneeza helped my teenage daughter heal.

“My daughter was having an ongoing skin infection and eczema flares after ant bites triggered her. Muneeza helped her understand the importance of diet and how it works to help her heal. She also told her upfront that it will take time to heal and this helped my daughter be mentally and emotionally prepared for the journey. 


“Muneeza works hand in hand with traditional medicine and this was comforting to my daughter. Muneeza didn’t let her be in pain and encouraged her to use the steroid she’d been prescribed when it was very necessary. 


“My daughter really likes talking to Muneeza and feels that Muneeza listens to and understands her. Muneeza also never let her feel down when she was not able to finish the full protocol or had a flare. 


“I love how Muneeza recommends the dietary protocols and says that they are the most important part of the healing journey. Also, my daughter's chronic constipation improved with juices and fruits.”

~ Anonymous


  • You have picky eaters or children who struggle with the healthier food options.
  • Your child is on a restricted diet and doesn’t like it and / or it’s challenging for you to maintain it.
  • You know something is going on with your children, but you’re not sure how to help them.
  • You may have tried to follow the info in the Medical Medium books yet have questions about it or had a hard time getting your children on board with it.
  • You’ve tried other modalities or visited different doctors or done blood work and doctors say nothing is wrong and that they can’t help you - but your children are still struggling.
  • Your children have no one else in their lives who needs to eat or live a lifestyle like they do and they are craving a community


My purpose on this planet is to help people heal and I do that through my work as an Intuitive Medicine Woman®. Yet my #1 purpose on earth is to mother my three daughters.

As a mother, I’m committed to creating a certain future for my children: I want them to be empowered and educated on their bodies and their health; and I want them to have the tools, support and community so they keep rising up and moving forward.

My sense is you may have a similar desire for your own children. Which is why I created this program: to assist you in getting on the same team with your children so you can be allies, not enemies. Then, instead of resisting and rebelling, your children become engaged and involved with their own health.

I would be honored to have you join us for this rich, in-depth experiential program. Together, we can build the future we envision for our children by becoming empowered with the knowledge for how to get through these times successfully. I can’t wait for our children to come together, alongside us, and inspire each other to explore and discover new possibilities for their own health, happiness and wellbeing.

Working with Muneeza has been a game changer for my overall health and well being. 

“Learning the MM information has changed my life and the life of my family as well as my patients. I tried applying the information on my own but Muneeza has this incredible way of putting it all together and the intuition to apply it directly to me. Her compassion and love is evident in every experience I have had with her. I wish I would have found her sooner!”

~ Dr. Michelle Dobbertean

Thanks to Muneeza I was able to get my power back and start my son's healing adventure.

“With Muneeza's recommendation on food, supplementation and emotional support, my son, who is 6 and has autism, is speaking and understanding more, has perfect sleep, became socially more engaged and has reduced his OCD. He is a completely different child compared to 10 months ago when we started working with Muneeza. 

“Muneeza has helped me to understand my son's condition better. I’ve also started to trust again in my own intuition. I have faith that complete healing is possible. 

“It's almost impossible to compare Muneeza with any other practitioner. She has AMAZING knowledge, experience and compassion and her way of understanding things and connecting dots are so unique.”

~ Tanya Metodijevic

Working with Muneeza is like talking to a close friend; she is so warm, loving and honest.

“My family and I have been working with Muneeza for 6 months and it has been life-changing. She has a true gift and I feel blessed to have her in my life. Her intuition is profound and she has helped my family in ways I never imagined possible.

“My one-year-old wouldn’t eat solid foods, and in just one session, Muneeza resolved this issue. My four-year-old daughter had a chronic infection, and Muneeza’s protocol cleared it up. Muneeza also worked with my daughter and within hours she was more receptive, loving and content.

“She has helped me to be kind and patient with myself and has given me many tools to better my life and my children’s lives. We were saying prayers before bed last night and Luca said, “Please let Muneeza always be in our lives forever, thank you, I love you, amen.” You are so loved and cherished by our family. I’m so grateful to Anthony William for referring me to her. Thank you Muneeza from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for us.”
~ Andrea Payne

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Frequently Asked Questions


I was scared and desperate as a mum. 

“I needed help with my family. We had multiple health issues - skin, respiratory, sleep, heavy metal. Many little things that signalled something was wrong but no diagnosis or idea what was truly going on.

“I was scared and desperate as a mum. But learning all the MM info and being guided by a Muneeza when I was so busy and lost helped so much. And seeing my kids heal was just amazing! Everything got better. 

“Now when anything happens I know what to do and if I need some guidance I can ask Muneeza. Having a supportive community also helps me feel more confident.”

~ Katharine Sinha 

Muneeza’s support has been essential.

“I was struggling with parenting my daughter through various health issues. I didn’t understand her symptoms let alone how to resolve them.

“Muneeza walked me through step by step to help her. She's been guiding me now for the last 5 years in all things related to health both personally and for my children. She's been a necessity in helping me to implement the MM protocols through all my family's needs. We are all extremely grateful for her kind expertise!”

~ Sarah Mitchell

Muneeza was instrumental in helping me heal myself and my kids.

“Being a breastfeeding mom, I was very scared to go through diet changes. Muneeza helped calm my fears and was instrumental in helping me heal myself and my kids health. It was a totally new path for me and her knowledge on what supplements I can take and give to kids safely helped me take my healing journey to a new level.

“I actually fully healed from hashimoto while breastfeeding and my kids health also improved (they both had skin issues). I have called many times in case of emergencies to her and she has been able to provide me support that I needed and put faith back. She was instrumental in shifting my view on the importance of supplements and on how critical it is to take care of myself, while I help my kids, too.

“Her in-depth knowledge really helped me to have faith in the protocols and supplements and to move forward. I had worked with multiple nutritionists in the past. Earlier coaches had wanted me to wean my daughter off of breast milk or the diet they suggested would result in such severe flares on my daughter’s skin or worsen my health condition. I didn't have any of that with Muneeza and the best part is that she understood how to help from a mother's perspective.

“Each time I have worked with her I have learned more. Her deep experience of working with so many individuals with different health challenges proves invaluable in helping everyone.”

~ Shweta S


My name is Muneeza and I’m the Intuitive Medicine Woman®. I am also the creator of the Muneeza Method®, a powerful method I have developed in 14 years of practice to help people receive the information they need to heal. I am the author of the Healing Chutneys & Sauces Recipe book, soon to be released on Amazon. Over the past 14 years I’ve supported over 9,000 people in more than 75 different countries, to discover and understand their bodies’ intuition and unique needs to heal from within. Using herbs, supplements, healing and wild foods and by helping people recognize the PTSD they carry in their bodies, I help people heal from illness so they can enjoy a thriving, joyful life. I have been blessed with a gift of intuition to be able to ‘read’ people and be able to determine the root causes of illness and symptoms experienced. I can also tap into their emotional struggles. This gift, combined with the power of the information from Medical Medium® that I use in my practice and my own healing journey,  I am able to help clients reverse chronic and autoimmune illness. If you have struggled with no answers from doctors for your symptoms and conditions, told that your body is attacking itself, or that your symptoms have no known cause or cure, I would love to hear from you! Check out my website at I help empower you with confidence to heal your body and reverse symptoms of chronic illness.

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