The Intuitive Healing Community 2021


If you’re feeling alone, scared & overwhelmed about your health in today’s toxic world…

If you’re struggling with a chronic, mystery or autoimmune illness…

And you are ready to reclaim your  health - and get your life back, without spending thousands of dollars…




In 2020, I introduced this low-cost & high-value community to empower people with the truth about healing, so they could make the right choices for their bodies, health, & ultimately, their entire lives. In 2021, we are taking it to the next level by going deeper into the health issues that are holding you back from vibrant and lasting health.


  • Get daily support from Muneeza & the admin group of highly skilled practitioners
  • Learn the exact steps to take to break free from chronic, mystery & autoimmune illnesses.
  • Be part of a compassionate community full of other amazing people all dedicated to healing & thriving.
  • Get answers to all your health questions… unlimited questions answered in the Forum and one question per month answered by Muneeza on the topic-related live Q&A call.
  • Gain premiere, live access to interviews with top health professionals and health experts including doctors who support their clients with Medical Medium information
  • Engage in fun giveaways, introspective activities, and a variety of bonus extras that arise in response to the needs of the community
  • Gain access to an extensive library of health information & food-based healing protocols

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Each month you’ll receive:

  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY-MEMBER FORUM: Access to our Private Community-Member Forum 24/7 where you can ask all your health questions & receive support from our team of skilled practitioners
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Access to our Private Facebook Group 24/7 where you can share in a safe space with people who get what you’re going through & receive support from our amazing community of fellow health warriors
  • LIBRARY OF RECORDINGS: Archives of 2019 Q&A Call recordings (and transcripts) with Muneeza that contain tips, food-based protocols, supplement suggestions and compassionate support in response to a variety of health issues and concerns. Watch these to learn more about your own health as well as pick up tips and strategies to assist you in your healing journey. (NOTE: This does not include the membership calls from 2020.)
  • INTUITIVE HEALING TOOLKIT: Beginner & Advanced 3-Day Cleanses, Handouts (Thought Field Therapy, Foods To Avoid, 16 Adrenal Snacks), Resource Lists (Key Foods, Key Supplements, Key Blog Posts, Key Radio Shows & Other Support Tools)
  • BONUS INTERVIEWS: Come and learn this year from doctors who support Medical MediumⓇ in their practices and other leaders in their fields, like Alison Armstrong, our interview guest for January. Alison is an expert in educating men and women about the predicament of gender, the interaction of masculinity and femininity, and the principles of the paradigm of Partnership. 
  • BONUS SUPPORT CALLS: Monthly calls designed to support members in understanding the current month’s topic on a deeper level or in coping with the emotional impact of current global events
  • FOCUSED RAPID CASE STUDIES: Real-life client health situations that apply to the current month’s theme will be reviewed in relevant Teaching Calls. Muneeza will reveal the client’s symptoms, then give members the opportunity to share their treatment ideas in the chat. After a few minutes of discussion, Muneeza will reveal the protocols used to heal the client’s issues. 
  • MEDITATIONS: Monthly LIVE Guided Meditation call
  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Weekly To Do Lists, Monthly Checklist/Activity, Monthly Journal Prompt, Pop Up Giveaways, Reminder Emails & More

NOTE: Replays will be provided for all program calls within 24 hours.


MONTH 1: January

Lyme Disease: EBV, Strep, and Other Cofactors

MONTH 2: February

Deep Cleansing - Whole Being & Home

MONTH 3: March

Intensive Supplementation

MONTH 4: April

Pain and Nerve Damage

MONTH 5: May

Freeing Yourself From Shingles Madness

MONTH 6: June

Unlocking Peaceful & Restorative Sleep

MONTH 7: July

The Adrenal Key to Neurological Health

MONTH 8: August

Getting To the Root of Thyroid Issues

MONTH 9: September

Neurological Recovery Map

MONTH 10: October

Overcoming PTSD, Anxiety, & Depression

MONTH 11: November

Toxic Heavy Metals: Viruses, OCD & Addiction

MONTH 12: December

Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion



MONTH 1 - January

Lyme Disease: EBV, Strep, and Other Cofactors

  • Clearing the confusion that surrounds Lyme Disease symptoms
  • Understanding EBV - the root cause of many chronic illnesses
  • How to heal Lyme, CFS, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
    & Hyperthyroidism, RA and more
  • Cofactors and their role in chronic illness
  • Understanding strep - EBV’s #1 cofactor
  • How to heal chronic UTIs, sore throats, digestive issues, SIBO, sinus infections, allergies, chronic sinusitis, ear infections, otitis media, gastric problems, yeast infections, cystitis, cystic acne and more
  • Re-engage with your intuition (your internal compass)
MONTH 2 - February

Deep Cleansing - Whole Being & Home

  • Understand different types of cleansing
  • What do you need and when?
  • Cleansing is not just for physical - it can be mental, emotional, & spiritual
  • Create your OWN intuitive detox – building intuition in a really big way!
MONTH 3 - March

Intensive Supplementation

  • More advanced than what was covered in membership 2020
  • Determine the right supplements and dosages for yourself
  • In depth herbal study
  • How to use homeopathy to ease symptoms
  • Supplements for serious illnesses, viral flares, heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes, menopause, teeth, hair, skin & nails, pet health, and more
MONTH 4 - April

Pain and Nerve Damage

  • How to overcome pain
  • Supplements for pain
  • Therapies for pain
  • Repairing nerve damage
MONTH 5 - May

Freeing Yourself From Shingles Madness

  • Recognizing shingles
  • Supplements and foods
  • How to recover from a severe attack
  • Learn how to heal colitis, TMJ, diabetic neuropathy, frozen shoulder, Bell’s palsy, eye droop, neck pains, fevers, burning feelings, sciatica pain, and more
MONTH 6 - June

Unlocking Peaceful & Restorative Sleep

  • Why insomnia happens
  • Supplements and foods that restore sleep
  • Other strategies for a peaceful rest
MONTH 7 - July

The Adrenal Key to Neurological Health

  • The connection between adrenals and neurological health
  • Protect adrenals to protect your nervous system and vice versa
MONTH 8 - August

Getting To the Root of Thyroid Issues

  • What is and isn’t a thyroid symptom
  • Focus on the correct root causes to address your symptoms
MONTH 9 - September

Neurological Recovery Map

  • Learn physical and non-physical reasons for neurological symptoms
  • How to recover from being bedridden or debilitated by neuro symptoms
MONTH 10 - October

Overcoming PTSD, Anxiety, & Depression

  • Root causes of emotional issues
  • How to support your neurological system
  • How to recover your brain health and find peace
MONTH 11 - November

Toxic Heavy Metals: Viruses, OCD & Addiction

  • Understanding the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning
  • Where do the metals live?
  • How do they cause such a variety of issues
  • OCD, addiction, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, eating disorders, etc.
MONTH 12 - December

Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion

  • How to travel the path of acceptance, forgiveness, & compassion
  • Learn the connection between these 3 competencies and your overall well-being


Love the Feeling of Being Understood, Held & Guided

"I love, love, love this program!!! 💗
I love what I learn here, I love the community, I love the space, the special guests and interviews, I love the feeling of being understood, held and guided. I love the feeling of being connected to the beautiful people here and hearing their stories! ✨
I love Muneeza and her incredible team! Thank you so much for the motivation, love, understanding, competence, commitment, support, education/knowledge!🙏🏼
I am so proud and grateful for being a part of the IHC and if you continue the program would subscribe again! 💫"


When our members were asked if they would recommend the membership to others, this is what they said:

"Yes to anyone [who would] like to heal!"

"Absolutely Muneeza!!! Nothing at all compares to the level of your content, your generosity with your time, and going above and beyond on all levels to make sure every person feels supported, cared for and loved... you're such an inspiration and I'm forever grateful our paths crossed and I'd recommend to anybody serious about going deeper into MM work and truly healing themselves. Thank you SO much for bringing this to the world. Sending big hugs, prayers and so much love to you and your sweet family for supporting you and your valuable work because without them I'm sure you wouldn't be able to teach and be present to the level you do. Thank you Team Muneeza and Family Muneeza!!! 🙏🏼💗"


"Yes, Muneeza is absolutely incredible. It seems to me that she is the next most knowledgeable/intuitive person after Anthony William. And she is such a fun, lovely, courageous person. I love her. "

"Yes, as it's packed with useful, lifesaving information with a lot of support from Muneeza, admins and other members."

"Yes, it's been great to know new ways to heal with supplements and foods. There is always new tidbits of info that I have missed or been brought into a light I could better understand. It's been enlightening to know others have suffered so much more than me and for longer, wish I had access to this when I was going through so much with my health."

"I definitely would! As I started with the program I was pretty insecure. I wasn't very faithful, I felt alone on my way and very overwhelmed with the AW Lifestyle and my symptoms. The membership gave me answers to my questions, that bothered me, a community and a space where I found understanding, support and like-minded people. All that helps to firm, find more faith, that healing is possible. And I learned so much about health and how to sustain and regain it. That's why I would highly recommend!"



This Community isn’t about information download.
It isn’t a DIY experience. 

Instead, when you join the Community, you’ll receive the support you require to apply the information to your unique situation and take the steps that are right for you…

All while walking alongside a compassionate people who get what you’re going through.


  • You feel alone, scared & overwhelmed about your health.
  • You’re struggling with a chronic, mystery or autoimmune illness.
  • You have a diagnosis or symptoms that you don’t know how to heal.
  • Someone you care for is sick & suffering with disease or illness.
  • You want to prevent disease & illness for yourself & your loved ones.
  • You’re a practitioner looking to enhance & advance your skills & knowledge.
  • You don’t know where to start on your healing journey.
  • You know it’s time to get expert support & surround yourself with a compassionate community.


  • Acne
  • ADHD
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Candida
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Colitis
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Epstein-Barr Virus
  • Eczema
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Lupus
  • Lyme Disease
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Psoriasis
  • PTSD
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Rosacea
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Vertigo & Tinnitus
  • Weight gain or loss
  • And more

No matter what you’re currently struggling with, I’m here to offer you hope & support. There is a way out of the madness of disease & illness.
Let me show you the path to greater health, happiness & wellbeing.



Hello, I’m Muneeza. I’m known as the Intuitive Medicine Woman®. 

I have had a calling to be a medicine woman and healer since I was a little girl. I would walk around with my medicine bag full of imaginary healing tools and herbs and offer them to whomever was in need. The calling only grew, and I learned about homeopathic healing and healing using intuitive techniques. Now, as an adult, I still have a medicine bag well stocked with a blend of herbs, minerals, homeopathy and essential oils.  

Over the past 12 years I’ve supported over 7,000 people around the world to discover and understand their bodies’ intuition and unique needs to heal from within. Using Medical Medium protocols that include natural remedies, the best foods, and aligning emotions with the physical body, I help people heal from illness and enjoy a thriving, joyful life.



For optimal results, I suggest you join the Community for the entire year. Although each month addresses a unique stand-alone topic, the path to healing is complex and requires all of the elements covered throughout the year. If you choose to pay month-to month, you are free to exit the Community at any time. All you need to do is contact our office by the 15th of any month with your request to cancel and no further charges will be made to your credit card. You will have access to all Community materials for which you have paid for indefinitely. If you pay in advance for the entire year, you will receive 2 months free plus 4 special bonuses upon enrolling, therefore your payment will be nonrefundable.

In addition to giving you 2 months free, signing up for the entire year grants you access to the 4 exclusive bonuses immediately upon registration. Therefore, this payment type is nonrefundable.

Absolutely. Community members will be able to access all of the content right on their phone through a web browser or special app that is free and easy to download. With the mobile app feature, you'll be able to read or watch all of my content right from your phone.

My mission is to empower people to listen to and trust their intuition. This is the ultimate path of freedom as your intuition serves as your compass. Throughout all of our interactions in the community, I’ll help you learn how to listen to your body and understand its true messages, so you can respond to its cues in a way that supports your healing journey to wellness.

There are several different ways you’ll be able to get your questions answered, and the support you require, in the Community. 

  • Topic Q&A Call: you can submit a question related to the topic for that month before the call for Muneeza to answer.
  • Private Community Forum: you can ask questions related to the topic of the month here and our skilled team of practitioners will respond and support you.
  • Private Facebook Group: you may also ask questions of and share advice with your fellow community members in the Facebook group.
  • Library of Resources: many of your topic-related questions will also be answered by the rich content available to you.

No worries. All calls are recorded and available to you within 24 hours in the Client Portal.

No. You are welcome to join with or without previous knowledge of Anthony William’s Medical Medium protocols.

While the Membership does include some of the same information as you may have already read, Muneeza has a special gift for helping people connect the dots to really understand the events that are triggering their symptoms. This program also provides more specific details - and support - on how to take charge of your health in a way you may have never done before, and apply the information provided to your unique situation.


From Fear to Peace 

“I have a clear understanding of how the viruses play a role. (I feel thankful to MM for this because I am not sure even the doctors understand that piece.) I am filled with gratitude and peace ✌️where there used to be fear. Admins and participants, especially Muneeza, without you all I was trapped in a world of symptoms and fear, today I did the work but with you giving me the road map and gentle guidance, I have been able to begin to dream again. 💜I am so grateful for this community of hope and as always already looking forward to what comes next.”
~ Samantha Rask

I Feel Stronger To Carry On

“This program has helped me in so many ways. It’s helped me move forward in my path. I have learned so much and in the process changed some of the things that had me stuck in my healing. The triggers that have come out have helped me grow, as Muneeza said. Only when we face our triggers will we grow. Well I believe I have. Thank you, Muneeza, all the admins, your team and all of us here, for all our efforts. 🙏We can do this. 😀I feel stronger to carry on and keep fighting. I have new tools I’ve learned here and I am using them.”
~ Alli Desoisa 

The Trajectory Of My Life Has Changed

“I feel so fortunate to have found this way of life and all of the amazing people that are involved. It has quite literally changed the trajectory of my life. Thank you Muneeza! The journey was magical. Thank you from my soul.”
~ Kerstin E Ramstrom

We Learned So Much From Each Other

“Thank you, Muneeza, and all of the admins! Also to everyone in the group! I've loved being a part of this support group where we've learned so much from each other. I'm grateful for the knowledge that I've received.”
~ Denyse Rhoades


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